Since 1993

Making life more enjoyable Celiac365 was founded to answer a problem that I identified while living with Celiac. Our lives are extremely difficult when it comes to eating. We have to remain aware at all times to identify food that is not safe for us to eat. By no means is this about writing reviews or swaying people. It's about having a resource that people can rely on. I'm committed to keeping people safe and worry free while taking on the responsibility to ask hard and difficult questions that don't ever receive a good enough answer. This journey will be a marathon and it's something that I will live through and along side everyone that's interested. Call it an active experiment with dynamic results while trying not to get sicker then a dog.

Our rewards will make peoples lives better and healthier. There is no amazing theories or philosophies or sales pitches, It's just good people doing good work. I've been living with Celiac for 8yrs now, and as I look back, I wish I would have known things a lot sooner. So this is for the folks that know, just finding out, or have no idea what's in store living Gluten-free or w/Celiac.

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